Showing Your Home

Showing Your Home

  • Brenda Ernst
  • 07/19/22

Hi, everyone. Today, I thought I'd give you a little bit of a behind-the-scenes look at the Toombs Team storage unit. For anyone that's worked with us, and I've done your staging, I'll say to you, "You can remove that because I have something to replace it." So I just thought I'd give you a quick look at some of the things we do have. So, here we go. There's some new pictures I have. There's lots of accessories here, lots and lots of different textures, colors, sizes, pieces. They are always really good for filling in spaces. I have different types of chairs, lots of different pictures because every house we do is different. Some are older, some are new, lots of trees, greenery, coffee tables. There's some new pillows that I just picked up. I can't wait to use those. Those are going into a house that we're doing this week. So throws, lots and lots of pillows, lampshades, more pictures. Back here's some big pictures and some lamps. So, that's just a little bit of what we have. I hope you enjoyed it.

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