Home Enhancement Guide


Our goal is not simply to sell your house but to help you realize the best price obtainable for your property in the shortest period of time. To help achieve this goal, we have developed the following Home Enhancement Guide along with our company, Coldwell Banker®.

Based on proven marketing techniques, this information in our simple 7 page guide will introduce you to practical ideas on how to successfully prepare your house for sale. These suggestions require a minimum amount of time and expense to complete and are designed to make your house stand out from the competition.

What you will find inside:

1. The importance of "The First Impression"

2. How to manage "The Homefront"

  • List of 14 must review items

3. Creating the "Model Home Effect" to enhance the Buyers perception

  • How to “Appeal to the Senses”
  • “Packaging the Interior”
  • Preparing the exterior

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