Buyer Guarantee


We offer a full-service program that includes 10 of the buyer services listed below and will work with you to develop a customized plan that reflects your specific needs.

We will conduct a buyer counseling session to discuss your needs and goals, and to plan the search for your property.

We will discuss alternatives for agency representation that are available to you as a potential buyer – Buyer Brokerage, Seller Agency and Disclosed Dual Agency – and our representation of your customer interests in the different agency relationships.

We will explain the entire home buying process to you in advance and guide you through every step along the way. We will cover the search process, making an offer, conditions you may require, negotiating the offer, clearing any conditions, & closing the sale!

We will offer to arrange a pre-qualification or pre-approval appointment with a reputable lender to identify your range of affordability and to increase your negotiating strength.

We will present your property search criteria to our sales team. Our goal is to present you, when possible, with properties as they debut or before they appear on the open market.

We will show you properties that meet the criteria you have selected.

We will discuss features of a property that may affect its value and future resale.

We will prepare an outline of what a suggested offer should look like for the property, outlining an expected purchase price range, suggested conditions, and an expected cost of Land Transfer Tax for your consideration prior to preparing an offer.

We will prepare a written offer on the property you choose to purchase, with terms and conditions approved by you.

A key role in any purchase, we’re effective negotiators who will work hard to develop a strategy to deliver terms and conditions acceptable to you.

We will monitor and inform you of the progress of the purchase agreement, including the satisfaction of all contingencies and conditions during the entire transaction. We navigate through any unforeseen items that may arise during the conditional period to ensure you are comfortable completing the sale.

We will ensure all the documents are prepared for your lawyer, and mortgage broker, to prepare for the closing. Furthermore, we will provide you with a checklist of helpful items to assist you in preparing to close your purchase.

We will contact you after the closing to follow up on the remaining details or service needs.

We will provide you with a confidential opportunity to give an evaluation of our services. 


Work With Us

It is our goal to provide ultimate service to all our clients so that they are always thinking of referring the Toombs name to those who are looking to buy and sell real estate.

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