• 10/26/23

With Halloween around the corner, we thought we would provide some easy last minute homemade costume ideas you can create!

Flower Costume:

Clothing: Green Sweatshirt, Green Top, Green Pants, Green Socks



Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Yellow face paint and a few freckle spots, you can use a brown eyeliner

Whatever colour felt you would like to use


1. Cut enough petal like shapes - Leave room at the bottom of the petal

(long enough to glue on inside of the hoodie so the petal part can stick up around the face) 

2.  Start with the long part of the petal and glue it on the inside of the hood and flip up the round part of the petal and glue it up on the outside of the hoodie part of the sweater (So your face is the centre)and the petals are all around.

3. Make sure you leave space at the zipper if you have one

4. Make sure you leave space at the chin if it is a pullover 

5. Let dry for 6-8 hours before wearing to ensure petals 

Grilled Cheese Costume:

Clothing: Orange sweatshirt, orange top, orange pants, orange socks 
Green hat as the olive or pickle 


Glue Gun and Glue Sticks 

(2) Thin Foam Pieces 

(2) Long pieces of Twine 

Brown Markers 


1. Cut the foam into the shape of a piece of bread (x 2 - Front Piece and Back Piece)

2. Colour the outside of the foam and on the front with brown to give it a toasted effect 

3. Cut two small holes one on either side of the bread and on the back piece as well 

4. Tie the bread together on each shoulder with some twine 

5. Dress all in the orange clothing items as the 'cheese'

6. Put on the hat!

Zootopia Costume 'Nick':

Clothing: A pair of denim pants, an old plaid yellow checker shirt as inspiration, a old business tie and orange gloves


Needle and thread 

Orange, White and Yellow, Felt 

Black Marker

Glue gun and Glue Sticks 

Head band 

Stuffing for the ears (I used batting from an old pillow)

Face Paint


1. Put all of the clothing on first and I always fed my two children before I started the face painting. Some children don't like the feeling of paint on their face so you can add just a few accents with a eyeliner for a fox face. Inspiration for face painting a 'Fox' face can be found online and have fun with it!

2. Make your fox ears. I cut 4 pieces of orange felt and I cut two white pieces of white fabric for ours as the centre of the ear. Sew or glue the white centre of the ear on first, then attach the back and either sew or glue the pieces together leaving the hole at the bottom open for the stuffing to go in. Do this for both ears. Once your ears are sewn, I sewed them on to the headband. You can simply this by only gluing or sewing on layer of orange felt with the black accents at the top onto a headband.

3. I sewed a 'Zootopia' badge out of yellow felt and fixed it onto the dress shirt. You can also use a circuit or print the badge on your computer and cut it out and make a backing for it, to then go onto the shirt as well. 

4. I also sewed a tail. This step is totally optional and there are so any easy DIY tail options to chose from online. 

5. Lastly I painted the face 

Head on over to our instagram for my take on my son's 2016 Zootopia 'Nick' costume! 

Stay tuned for more!!


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