Seniors Downsizing Pt. 2

Seniors Downsizing Pt. 2

  • Brenda Ernst
  • 07/19/22

Hi, it's Brenda Ernst. And today I have some more downsizing tips for seniors. You know you're going to be moving. You've made that decision. You just don't know when, and you don't know where to. But you know what? What you can do now is start to downsize. You can start to go through your things and you can decide what do you really want to keep. Because you can't keep it all. You know what? You're going to a place that's much, much smaller. I'd suggest maybe start in the linen closet. I mean, how many towels do you really need? How many sets of sheets do you really need? Chances are, if you've got a big linen closet, you have a lot. How many table cloths are you going to use? How many linen napkins? Those are all things that you can start to do now. And you know what? Once you start to edit those, you're going to feel really good. You're going to get on a roll and that's going to help you go forward. When you find your place, you're going to be ready. I hope this helps.

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